Neurological Consultation

What to expect:

A neurology consultation is an appointment with a highly-trained specialist who specialises in the diagnosis and management of conditions that affect the brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles. To book an appointment with a neurologist, you will need a referral from your health care professional (e.g. general practitioner). A doctor will make a referral available if they have specific questions regarding your neurological health.

During a neurological consultation, the neurologist will try to determine the basis of the presenting problem. To do this, the neurologist will take a medical history that may include information about:

  • The present problem

  • The reason for a neurological consultation

  • Past medical history

  • Hospitalizations

  • Surgical treatments

  • Medicines and medication allergies


The neurologist will then perform a neurological examination. The parts of the examination depend on the history and the problem, but could include:

  • Motor examination–checking muscle strength, mobility and reflexes

  • Sensory examination–checking touch, vibration and position

  • Cerebellar testing–checking coordination

  • Mental examination–checking memory

  • Cranial examination–checking eye and facial movements



To book a neurological consultation, follow the link below:

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