Neurotoxin Therapy For Migraine

The medical drug Botulinum (Botox) toxin can indeed be very useful for lots of different medical conditions, including neurological conditions due to muscles being too tight or over contracted. Botulinum toxin is effective in treating a variety of neurological conditions including prophylaxis of chronic migraine.

Botulinum has been approved by the FDA for use in preventing chronic migraines, defined as migraines that last for four hours or longer for 15 or more days in a month. People who have less frequent or severe migraines may also benefit from neurotoxin treatment, but may also respond to other therapy options.


Botulinum injection sites for chronic migraine:


It’s important to start off with at least two sessions, once every twelve weeks, in order to see full results. Botulinum treatments can prevent up to nine headache days a month after full acclimatisation. Your neurologist will most likely recommend that you keep a headache diary to keep track of the number of headache days you have per month. This will allow you to track your progress under the Botulinum treatment.


A consultation requires a referral from your doctor requesting assessment for consideration of Botulinum toxin treatment.Initially you will be reviewed by the neurologist to determine whether Botulinum toxin is appropriate for you.

Note: Please do not wear makeup (foundation) if you are having treatment for chronic migraine. If you have long hair, please bring a hair tie for treatment of chronic migraine.



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