A stroke happens when blood supply to the brain is interrupted. Blood is carried to the brain by blood vessels called arteries. Blood contains oxygen and important nutrients for your brain cells. Blood may be interrupted or stop moving through an artery, because the artery is blocked (ischaemic stroke) or bursts (haemorrhagic stroke).

Neurologists with intimate knowledge of brain anatomy, function, and cervicocranial blood supply are an essential part of stroke patients care. These specialists know the symptoms and signs found in stroke patients and the detailed differential diagnosis of stroke subtypes. They are very familiar with the symptoms, signs, and diagnosis of other neurological disorders. They are knowledgeable about stroke recovery and rehabilitation.


Please note: When you come to a NCS/EMG Study appointment, please ensure that you wear loose clothing to help the neurologist gain comfortable access the appropriate areas for the study. If your clothing is too tight and does not allow Dr Gorai to place the electrodes on the appropriate areas, you will have to wear a gown.



If you or someone you know has suffered a stroke and are looking for a specialist neurologist, please feel free to contact Synapse Neurology for a consultation on 03) 8582 6945.